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1B Weekly News
December 6-10

The Christmas concert was fabulous! All of the children displayed the talents that God has given to them in such a beautiful way.  Thanks to Mr. Scheiderer for working with all of us!

The Book report and Community Helper puppet are both due on Monday.

The Christmas party will be on December 21st. We will be having a gift exchange.  I have included in the folder the name of whom you child drew.  I do not have written down anywhere who your child drew, so make sure to ask your child about it.

Speaking of the Christmas party, Ava will provide a cheese tray and crackers. Maverick will provide cupcakes or cookies. Gigi will provide naplins and plates. Nixie will provide boxed drinks.

We will begin practicing for our church's Christmas services.  If you have not already informed me, if and which church your child will be attending for that service, please let me know.

Also, Advent services have begun and the Wednesday service counts toward your child's church attendance.

We will continue to "stir up love and good works" by doing random acts of kindness.

Reminder:  If your child is not feeling well, you should keep him/her home.  Feel free to send your child with a mask, if he/she has a cough or cold. Please be diligent.

Please make sure your child's flashcards are in his/her folder each day, so we can practice at school, too!

Please help your child to learn his/her memory verse, as well as to study the spelling words.

Riley is the Star of the Week!

Our school has lots of Fund raising opportunities! The office sells Scrip, which are gift cards to retailers to use like cash.  The school gets a percentage from the company of each card pruchased. BoxTops (you can enter your receipt online and earn money for the school), LauraJo's Cookies, and Amazon Smile are also great ways to give back to the school through your shopping or gift giving.  Let me know if you have questions!  Thanks for all the support!

We will collect offerings on Monday.  Our offerings in December will go to support Trinity Lutheran High School. The funds will assist us to prepare gift baskets for the annual auction.

I collect poptabs, which are taken to Riley Children's Hospital. They earn funds for the Ronald McDonald House, where parents can stay close to children who need extended stays in Riley.

I am praying for you!

In His service,

Mrs. Bell

Wednesday-Silent night, holy night! All is calm, all is bright. Round yon virgin, Mother and dhild.

Friday-Holy Infant, so tender and mild, Sleep in heavenly peace, Sleep in heavenly peace.


broke, dug, no, pink, play, are, can

Transfer words:  when/then, ten, men


We will learn about Daniel and Jonah.


We are learning about transportation or "things that go", past and present. 

We are writing stories that have 3-5 sentences.

Your child should start reading with some inflection in their voice and begin to demonstrate fluency in their reading.

Please listen to your child read EACH evening!

HOMEWORK (for the night of):

  • Monday-Read "Dragons Don't Get Colds"
  • Tuesday- Read "The Fancy Party"
  • Wednesday- Read "Flower Garden"
  • Thursday-Read "Sail Day"
  • Friday-Read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"

We will learn to add to 20.  We will practice counting on, using fingers, coins, and numberlines.

We will begin "Rocket Math" after break.  Rocket Math is simply a timed fact test.  Each child will start with +1 and be given 2:15 minutes to complete the test with 24 problems.  If a child correctly completes the test, the following week, he/she will be given +2 and so on.  Once a child completes the addition sets (through +9, doubles, and doubles+1), he/she will move onto subtraction-following the same pattern.

Don't forget to underline and circle for story problems AND show work.

Practicing math flashcards is very helpful to your child!

HOMEWORK:  Math worksheets

Social Studies

We are learning about work/jobs.  We will learn about wants vs. needs and community helpers.

The community helper project-making a puppet- is due December 6th.


We are learning about animals.  We have learned that animals have similarities and differences in reference to their parents.

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