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Comfort, comfort my people, says your God. Isaiah 40:1

December 6-10
This Week's Agenda
I pray your week is filled with God's peace, hope peace, love and joy during this Advent season and always.

Classroom Donations: In order to keep our classroom clean, our classroom could use disinfectant wipes or spray with paper towels. 

SPECIALS: Monday- Music, Tuesday - Art, Wednesday - Library (Return library books on Wednesday), Thursday - Computer and Friday - Gym (Bring a water bottle and return gym shoes.)

MEMORY: We will begin to study Christmas Memory. The students will have to recite parts of their Christmas Memory for the next three weeks. You will find their parts in their Monday Mail folders.  

RELIGION: We will continue with Unit 4: Jesus Brings Salvation. 

SPELLING: Spelling List 15- Pre-Test: Monday, Post-Test: Friday. Spelling Homework due on Friday.

PHONICS: We are working on changing words ending in y to -ies and -ied.

ENGLISH: We are classifying sentences with all of the parts of speech that we have learned so far. We are focusing on pronouns and possessive noun adjectives this week. Your students can practice grammar and writing skills in IXL at home. We will focused on comma useage this week and writing letters to express opinions. 

MATH: This week we will continue our Division unit. Students still need work on Multiplication Master facts and to practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts on XtraMath. Xtra Math is a great online resource for practicing math facts. Let's keep working hard to achieve our goals. Skip counting songs are posted to the right ------> to help this kiddos recognize those multiplication patterns. 

READING: Be sure to keep working on your AR goal. For the next few weeks, we will have a novel study on Balto and the Great Race. This book will be a guided reading activity. There will be a comprehension assessment at the end of the book, and students will also be allowed to take the AR quiz. 

SCIENCE: We will begin a Dog Sled STEM Project to work on our engineering and critical thinking skills.   

WRITING: This week, we will focus on persuasive writing by using persuasive words to support our point of view. By  designing a donut, 3K writers will persuade the class to choose their donut design. 

HANDWRITING: We will continue to practice uppercase and lowercase cursive letters.

Please message me via Seesaw with any questions or concerns. 

In Christ,

Mrs. Keller

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