Mrs. Keller

This Week's Agenda
AR GOAL REMINDER: Mid-quarter is Friday the 4th. Students need to be halfway to their goal or beyond. Students not at their goal will spend their recess time working on their goal. If you have questions, please message me.
UPCOMING PARTY: Thanks for all the volunteers! We need volunteers for napkins/plates. Valentine's Day Party~ Monday, February 14th ~ Juice Boxes: Addy Schile, Salty Snacks: Elsie Hopkins, Sweet Snacks: Carter Maxie, and Healthy Snacks: Elijah Smith. 
TESTING: For absent students, you will need to complete NWEA testing this week. Please come to school rested and ready to go! NWEA is an adaptive achievement and growth test. It creates a personalized assessment experience by adapting to each student's learning level—precisely measuring progress and growth for each individual student. Most students who tested did show growth. Way to go, 3K!
SPECIALS: Monday- Music, Tuesday - Art, Wednesday - Library, Thursday - Computer, and Friday - Gym     

MEMORY: Tuesday- Lesson 61, Wednesday- Lesson 62, Thursday- Lesson 63   

RELIGION: We will begin Unit 6: God's Love Calls Us to Respond in Love 

SPELLING: List 19 Pre-Test on Monday, Post-test on Friday and Homework is due on Friday. Students can practice their words on SpellingCity ------> Look for the link to the right.

PHONICS: We are reviewing consonant +le words.  

ENGLISH: We are going to be reviewing compound subjects and verbs. We will pair our reading with our writing to create an informative piece about earthquakes.

MATH: Students will complete Area and Perimeter unit and we will move on to Measurement unit. Students need to continue to work on Multiplication Masters and XtraMath. Some students need to practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts on XtraMath. Xtra Math is a great online resource for practicing math facts. Let's keep working hard to achieve our goals. Skip counting songs are posted to the right ------> to help this kiddos recognize those multiplication patterns. 

READING: This week, we are reading Earthquake: The 1906 San Francisco Nightmare and are honing our skills in fact vs opinion, context clues and character traits.     

HANDWRITING: We will continue to practice uppercase and lowercase cursive letters.

SCIENCE: We will begin a unit on Forces/Motion.

Please message me via Seesaw with any questions or concerns. 

In Christ,

Mrs. Keller