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Announcements will be posted either early in the morning (before school starts) or during the previous afternoon.  Announcement received at the start of school will not be posted until the following post day.            
Date:  May 22, 2024

 Today's entree is a fish sandwich served with peas, mixed vegetables, fruit, and a graham snack.
  The alternate this week is a quesadilla.  A chef salad, PB&J, or PB sandwich are also an alternate entree option every day.

BIRTHDAYS:   Hazel Cain, Alexis Holtman, Addy Alcock, Gabe Stith, Nixie Findley, Miriam Backs, and Saylor Gillaspy are celebrating birthdays this week!  God's blessings to you on your special day!  Hope you have a fantastic birthday!

LUNCHES:  Don't forget to access your child's lunch balance via Sycamore. Log into
sycamoreeducation.com, then choose "my accounting", "cafeteria", then the "account" tab.  This will show you the account balance, charges, and deposits.

WASHINGTON DC AND TECHNOLOGY:   The technology fee for school year 2024-2025 is $225.  This is due the first day of school, August 7th. The $50 Washington D.C. fee is due October 1st of each school year. After that date a $10 late fee will be assessed on any unpaid accounts. 

SCRIP: Don't forget the school office has a variety of SCRIP cards available for purchase.  Order forms are also available on the school website and in the office.  SCRIP gift cards make super gifts and they are a great way to help the school.

MORNING BUS ROOM:  Students may arrive no earlier than 7:45 am.  Before the bell rings at 8:00 am, they must wait in the small gym in the bleachers.  Cell phone and personal audio equipment use is not permitted during this time.  Please remind your child to bring a book to read and to keep personal devices in their backpacks!

IN OUR PRAYERS: Today we pray for Kaiden Boggs, Colton Nance, Cheyenne Hallett, Katie Trager, and Lola England.

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