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Junior High Teacher Subject Areas - 2019-2020 School Year

Subject 6 7 8
English Mrs. Sims Mrs. Sims Mrs. Franke
Health Mrs. Dyer Mr. Sinclair Mr. Rudzinski
Literature Mrs. Franke Mrs. Franke Mrs. Sims
Math Mrs. Whitson Mrs. Whitson Mrs. Whitson/Mr. Huddleston
Physical Education Mr. Sinclair Mr. Sinclair Mr. Sinclair
Science Mrs. Dyer Mr. Rudzinski Mr. Rudzinski
Social Studies/History Mr. Smith Mr. Smith Mr. Smith
Electives Mixed Level Classes    
Art  Mrs. Nolting    
Band  Mr. Scheiderer & Mrs. Schneider    
Choir/Performing Arts  Mrs. Schneider & Mr. Scheiderer    
Computer Science Discoveries
 Mrs. Brown & Mrs. Dyer    
Math  Mr. Rudzinski    
ELA  Mrs. Sims    
Computer Generated Art  Mr. Rudzinski    
Robotics/Engineering                           Mr. Goecker    
Introduction to Spanish  Mrs. Whitson    


Junior High Schedule 2019-2020

Period 6S 6W 7R 7S 8F 8S
1st (8:20 - 9:07) Religion Religion Religion Religion Confirmation Confirmation
2nd (9:10 - 9:52) Social Studies
Literature English PE/Health Algebra/Science Algebra/Science
3rd (9:55 - 10:37) English
Social Studies Math/Literature Math/Literature PE/Health PE/Health
4th (10:40 - 11:22) Literature
English PE/Health Social Studies Pre-Algebra/Science Pre-Algebra Science
5th/Lunch (11:25 - 12:07) LUNCH LUNCH Science English History English
5th/Lunch (12:10 - 12:52) Math/Science Math/Science LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH
6th (12:55 - 1:37) Math/Science Math/Science Social Studies Science English Literature
7th (1:40 - 2:22) PE/Health PE/Health Math/Literature Math/Literature Literature History
Electives (2:25 - 3:00)            

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